Case Studies

Implement Consistent Project Management Policy

Launching a team to address a high impact strategic project for the corporation.

Fortune 100 Manufacturer

Goal: Error Proof Job Set-Up Client: Fortune 100 Manufacturer (125 employees) Problem / Situation Repeat customer complaints Economic penalties assessed by their customer for late/defective shipments Changes to manufacturing process had caused unintended quality risks. Approach We worked with a cross-functional client team, including strong multi-shift operator involvement, to examine best practices and, as appropriate, […]

Tier 1 Powertrain Supplier

Goal: Eliminate Recurring Quality Problems Client: Tier 1 Powertrain Supplier (270 employees) Problem / Situation New product launch 12 PRRs (quality rejects) over six months 278 ppm over 6 months after launch Their efforts to improve outbound quality weren’t effective fast enough and their OEM customer placed them on new business hold. Approach Our approach […]

Metal Processor

Goal: Improve Uptime, Efficiency and Productivity of Operations Client: Metal Processor (80 employees) Problem / Situation Increased customer demand Constraints on capital spending Increasing costs and little excess capacity preventing them from obtaining new business. Approach Utilizing the Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) philosophy, we conducted a two-month project working three to four days per week. […]

Apparel Distributor

Goal: Grow sales of small business Client: Apparel Distributor (10 employees) Problem / Situation Company’s sales were flat for the prior three years. Key staff person was leaving The president was overwhelmed working day-to-day in the business, rather than working on strategy and sales to grow the business. Approach Coaching the president, we found ways […]