Advanced Statistical Methods

When 8D, Fishbones and 5-Whys are ineffective, there might be weaknesses in your approach; or you might be dealing with a complex problem with obscure causes or unexpected interactions. These problems require a different way of thinking… where you become a detective looking at clues. Utilizing advanced statistical methods, facts, data and evidence can quickly lead you to the underlying cause(s) to make your most difficult, expensive and frustrating design or manufacturing problem disappear.

Statistical tools provide a foundation for reducing process variation and targeting performance in order to consistently meet customer specifications. They provide valuable information to proactively improve process and manufacturing metrics before problems occur.

We can help those in the manufacturing industry gain true understanding and better process control in the following areas:

  • Variation and its Causes
  • Data Review and Sampling
  • Basic Statistics
  • Process Distribution
  • Specification Limits
  • Cp vs. Cpk
  • Process Control Charts and Control Limits
  • Interpreting Trends in Control Charts
  • Proactive Prevention of Variation
  • How to Save Time and Money by Applying Statistical Tools