Failure Mode & Effects Analysis

Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA) is a structured method for anticipating problems and developing controls to prevent defects or failures. While FMEA is most fruitful as a proactive quality improvement tool implemented during process development, it can also be effectively applied as a continuous improvement tool after a product launch.

FMEA drives both proper guidance to the factory floor and continuous improvement efforts for removal of a process’ weakest links. Additionally, we emphasize mistake proofing methods so that high-risk failure modes are not just more likely to be detected but are actually prevented.

We work with clients on Design-FMEA as well as Process-FMEA from both a consulting and a training capacity. Many times, through training workshops we find that clients benefit from coaching so they can effectively apply learning to current product FMEAs to improve processes, mitigate risks and solidify learning.