Layered Process Audits (LPA)

Layered Process Audits are a low cost strategy to get into the single digit ppm range and potentially meet the goal of zero defects to your customer. They are a tool to verify that things most important to quality are done right the first time. LPAs require various layers of supervision and plant leadership to audit processes, work instructions and error proofing on a regular schedule to ensure compliance with documented procedures and standards.

In a general sense, LPAs provide constant attention to the core processes of an organization — by all levels of management. A well deployed LPA system drives a culture of accountability, discipline and continuous improvement. The result of this minimal effort is tighter alignment toward organizational goals – which is a key to success in this highly competitive global marketplace.

The heart of an effective LPA system is the questions. The Luminous Group can help you define the questions that help prevent causes of the top issues that have – or might – impact the organization or its customers. Many organizations find value in keeping their check sheets dynamic by periodically adjusting the questions to focus on current concerns.

If you’ve implemented LPAs, but managers see LPA as just another work task, then we can help you find ways to improve your LPA system. Often it’s a matter of simplifying the check sheet, making questions objective and specific, or helping top management see the connection between LPAs and improvement performance on their KPIs.

If you’re new to LPAs, the revised CQI-8 guideline will help you create LPAs that impact KPIs such as Safety, Quality, Delivery, Cost, and Morale. Since reaching established goals for these measures is in the interest of everyone in an organization, it makes sense that all levels, or layers, of management participate in LPA deployment and on-going audits.