Quality Turn Around

The Luminous Group has helped manufacturers to overcome challenges that come from:

  • Are you stuck in firefighting mode?
  • Have you had a poor product launch that left you unstable?

Situations like these require a deeper set of skills than simply teaching a set of quality tools. We have found that troubled suppliers don’t get better with training and assessments alone. These suppliers benefit from support beyond the classroom to truly affect a culture change that puts them back on the road to a healthy manufacturing environment.

Our approach starts with top management where we assess top level issues before drilling down to the plant floor. We develop constructive relationships with operators and supervisors in a process that helps them to see for themselves things they may be overlooking because of the strain of affecting a turn-around. We work on a wide-range of both quality and manufacturing initiatives that goes beyond quality improvement to affect productivity and/or solve long-standing problems that they just don’t have the manpower to pursue.