Supervisor & Leadership Development

Many organizations today are in the position of organizational and job growth necessitating the appointment of supervisors to foster effective work organization structure, and customer-oriented performance. When candidates are selected for supervisory roles they are often not equipped with the corporate practice knowledge required for supervisors, or the competencies required for managing others.

The Luminous Group’s Supervisory Development Process – SuperVision – raises the level of competence and therefore effectiveness of new and incumbent supervisors.

SuperVision is a 5-step development designed to quickly and effectively build knowledge, competency and confidence for those in supervisory roles. The process will help supervisors more effectively meet customer requirements, minimize conflicts which would interfere with effective production, provide knowledge of corporate practices for hiring, terminating and managing others and assist in preventing supervisory errors which can lead to short- and long-term legal and employee conflicts.

The process steps include:

  1. Select Priority Competencies for Development
  2. Introduction to the Competencies Development Process
  3. Assignment-Driven Learning Follow-Up
  4. Special Situation Coaching
  5. Process Transfer

This process will boost the competence, confidence and compliance of supervisors and provide substantial support for the development of supervisors and their team members.