Supplier Development

The Luminous Group is an approved provider of supplier development assessments, auditing and training activities by both FCA and General Motors. If you have been referred to us, please contact us after reviewing the information on this page. We would be glad to talk with you about how our services can be tailored to help you meet your Customers’ requirements and, more importantly, improve your quality and productivity.

FCA (formerly Chrysler) Tier 1 Supplier

Are your FMEA and Control Plans being audited by FCA?

If you have been referred to us by FCA after a Red Assessment, your ability to achieve Green status depends upon your ability to revise required documents (for all of the part numbers listed in the request from FCA), based on the audit feedback and training. FCA’s intent with this training, coaching and reassessment is that a cross-functional team is properly trained to prepare the documents.

The Luminous Group will work with you to correct and improve the documents in question, to meet AIAG and FCA requirements. More importantly, we will leave you with the knowledge and skills to prepare these documents for other programs in a fashion that meets your Customers’ needs. If done well and early in a program, that outcome will also help your company reduce risk, minimize quality issues (internal and external) and save costs of scrap, rework, returns, yard holds, etc.

Quality Systems Basics+ (QSB+)

QSB is a systematic approach that helps suppliers to achieve flawless launches, zero defects and a higher level of customer satisfaction. It does not replace your plant’s existing management system. Instead, it complements it by applying tools to reduce errors and improve productivity.

The workshop and accompanying consulting activities utilize training materials and sample forms developed by The Luminous Group to:

  • Explain key aspects of QSB strategies including Error Proofing Verification, 5-S, visual management, standardized work Layered Process Audits (LPA) and Fast Response.
  • Provide suggestions on how to incorporate QSB into your existing management system.
  • Provide an action planning module to help you plan implementation of QSB strategies.
  • Evaluate existing QSB strategies to enhance the benefits to your operation and ensure compliance to your customers’ requirements.
  • Meet OEM-specific requirements.

When done correctly QSB strategies significantly improve quality, safety, cost, delivery and morale metrics.

Why choose The Luminous Group?

When suppliers are stuck in containment / fire-fighting mode due to poor launches or repeat issues, often training services alone will not help the supplier to achieve lasting change. Where warranted, we supplement training workshops with ongoing coaching and facilitation to affect the deep change needed to put the supplier on track to success.