Layered Process Audits

Implementing Layered Process Audits requires different levels of support depending on prior exposure to the subject. We offer the following workshop options which can be taken alone or in combination to help you reach your specific goals:

On-Site Supplier Workshop ~

On-Site supplier workshops allow you to customize the content to make it specific to your processes and facility. Throughout the training, we will use hands-on examples specific to your facility. Through exercises, you’ll begin to develop your audit checksheets, action plans and implementation strategy.

Duration: 1 day

Leadership Training ~

Top leadership plays a substantial role in the implementation and ongoing success of Layered Process Audits. Many efforts have failed without management’s integration of LPAs into the plant culture.This training is designed to create a shared understanding of how LPAs can reduce internal and external ppm and lower costs. You will begin the development of a quality improvement action plan during the workshop.

Duration: 1/2 to 1 day

Assessment of Current LPA System ~

Let our experts provide you with an evaluation of your existing LPA process and make recommendations for enhancements that will improve the effectiveness and payback of this critical process. Includes an assessment report and debrief with leadership.

Duration: 1 to 2 days

Establishing an LPA System ~

This engagement starts with an overview of Layered Process Audits and an evaluation of your facility to recommend a starting point for implementation. We will provide you with an implementation plan that considers other Quality Systems and manufacturing initiatives. Together we’ll develop audit checksheets and compliance reports. Also available is training for top leadership and/or cross-functional teams.

Duration: 1 to 5 days

Looking for a do-it-yourself option? Check out our Train-the-Trainer program called LPA-in-a-Box.