The Essential Factory™

The Essential Factory™ is a structured experiential learning activity that goes beyond passive information transfer. It turns learning into skill competencies that can be transferred to the real workplace to achieve organizational goals. It accomplishes this by combining short topic lessons with a simulated, multi-sensory work process experience. The work process simulation creates an organizational climate where participants will have the opportunity to learn by doing and then apply the theory into practice.

Throughout the workshop, participants are coached to develop strategies and plans that apply their learned skills, tools and knowledge to their real work. The workshop includes building accountability and sustainability to assure learning is transferred into improved teamwork and process improvements.

As a result of this workshop, participants will be able to immediately apply skills that:

  • Reduce waste and unnecessary steps to improve productivity
  • Build effective work teams committed to achieving goals
  • Lead collaborative problem solving
  • Build a climate of trust and accountability
  • Accept, lead and sustain change
  • Become more effective communicators
  • Remove roadblocks that hinder improvement objectives