The Luminous Group works with Engineering, Manufacturing and Quality leaders when they are:

  • Frustrated by unexpected or repeat quality issues
  • Under pressure to reduce costs associated with poor quality
  • Spending too little time (or too much time) on their internal quality audits
  • Concerned with a lack of leadership or skills for problem solving and continuous improvement

Our services include work team facilitation, management coaching and training workshops in a wide variety of topics.

The Luminous Group has helped hundreds of companies become more effective and efficient. The Luminous Group’s owner, Murray Sittsamer, is a ‘go-to-guy’ in the automotive industry for sustainable solutions to recurring and highly complex problems. He has a unique ability to quickly understand how businesses operate and find innovative ways to drive more profit to the bottom line, while growing revenue.

With a multi-disciplinary team of quality engineers and training experts, The Luminous Group is able to quickly mobilize a team of individuals with direct experience in the challenges our clients face today. Many of our consultants are ‘young’ retirees from Automotive OEMs who bring a wealth of knowledge and experience related to Process Control, Championing Change and Achieving Excellence. All of the members of The Luminous Group are experts in their fields with a unifying desire to help our clients excel.

What do our clients have to say about working with The Luminous Group?

“The Luminous Group has been a large part of helping us to grow at this rate while maintaining stability in our production processes and quality in our products. I am impressed by the professionalism, depth of knowledge and hands-on problem solving approach by the team at The Luminous Group. You have a large toolbox and a unique ability to assemble just the right set of resources for any project.

The quality of work from your associates is the best I have seen coming out of any consulting firm. Your ability to quickly learn our processes, gain a deep understanding of the nuances that make Borla what it is, and even learn the names of the team on the floor both here and in California, all contribute to your success. In fact, many of us no longer consider you as consultants but as team members. We have complete confidence in your guidance and recommendations.”

Tim Lovelady
Quality Assurance Manager
Borla Performance Industries

“Who you discuss your business with has in large measure to do with who you trust. You, Murray, have become a trusted advisor to me. I can’t think of one thing in over four years that you have told me about my business that hasn’t been true, accurate and valuable.”

Dan Mendelson, President
Unitex Direct