Increase customer satisfaction with new product launches

When designing a new product, it is difficult to anticipate what will satisfy the customer and even more difficult to build an effective production process that delivers a quality, on-time product that meets customer requirements the first time. Failing to engage in advance planning leads to inflation in production costs due to scrap, rework, and warranty costs, plant spills, and unsatisfied customers who receive products that do not meet their requirements. For these reasons, we recommend implementing APQP.

Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP) is a documented analysis that begins with a team’s thoughts concerning requirements that could go wrong and ends with defined actions that are implemented to help prevent and/or better detect problems.  This workshop provides key skills required for people involved with new programs.

Workshop Design

This interactive 2-day workshop will help participants prevent problems before they become reality.  When an efficient process is used to streamline new product or service introductions, the effect is significant resulting in fewer problems and less waste.

The workshop focuses on planning the workflow for new production processes.  Participants will practice with powerful tools and techniques that make work visible, anticipate risk and plan actions that will remove anticipated problems.

It is appropriate for individuals who are directly involved with sales, design, development, engineering, purchasing, production and support of new parts.

Topics Covered

  • An overview of the planning process and APQP objectives.
  • Project management tools and techniques to plan and control APQP activities and coordinate tasks of the varied functional areas.
  • Applying limited resources where they drive the most return through a practical approach.
  • Timing of required deliverables, along with their associated information inputs and outputs.
  • Special attention is given to QFD, FMEA and PPAP requirements.
  • Understanding APQP as a system to prevent defects and waste.

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