Restart Management App

We offer an app which tracks the planning and implementation of your return to work action items and allows your employees to document their daily health checks before they arrive at work. Use this applications and management dashboard to track and manage COVID-19 safety across your organization.

The application was developed by 123Go in Ann Arbor, Michigan. View this 5-minute video for a brief introduction.

This software app is a productivity tool in all aspects of your process to go Back-to-Work safely.

Plan to Go Back-to-Work Safely


  • Low-code, low-cost, easily customizable application.
  • Pre-loaded with The Luminous Group’s restart checklist to prepare, implement and validate your COVID-19 Response Plan.
  • Reduces manual processing and touchpoints, eliminates paperwork and gathering at entry/exit points with on-line, mobile screen for employee self-health assessment.
  • Provides traceability for possible contact points and infection with time-stamped facility check-in / check-out.
  • Provides access to uploaded corporate COVID-19 policies, procedures and training to facilitate and improve employee awareness.
  • Management can easily monitor status and identify trends with customizable dashboards.
  • Easily update content to quickly adapt to federal, state and local guidelines and requirements.

How it Works

  1. Employees self-register through a quick and easy online registration process.
  2. Employees provide a health self-assessment before going to work which eliminates a check-in line and reduces contact point, keeping team members and customers safe.
  3. Your COVID-19 Restart steering committee can use the app to modify the pre-loaded checklists, assign, track and validate action items to keep your workforce safe and sustain important health and safety protocols.
  4. Additionally, the application tracks sanitization activities, use of PPE, education on COVID-19 related information, employee feedback and suggestions and more.


Contact The Luminous Group today to learn more about the COVID-19 Restart Management app. Simply fill out the contact form or give us a call at 248.538.8677.