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Train your employees to prevent process problems with our Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA) workshop. You’ll see an increase in safety, quality, cost, delivery, and employee morale. Whether you would like to train or retrain new employees, comply with quality standards, apply FMEA to a new product or process, or simply improve your failure prevention efforts, we will tailor our training method to address your situation.

This workshop is for individuals directly involved with the manufacturing line—including operators, skilled trades, engineers and quality staff. Our application-based teaching promotes engagement and immediate improvement by applying FMEA to process cells or lines within your facility. We coach participants to help them discover ways to improve their current process in order to achieve improved quality measures (scrap, rework, FTQ, warranty).

We have a unique way of quickly explaining FMEA, not as rows and columns, but as a series of decisions that allow, prevent, and detect problems. The Luminous group has facilitated hundreds of FMEA training workshops and we utilize our experience with companies like yours to nurture an impactful learning environment.

Why Applied FMEA Workshop?

  • Train employees to prevent process failure
  • Immediate process improvement
  • Promote a culture of continuous improvement
  • Raise the bar on current FMEA knowledge

Additional Considerations

Ideally, the workshop will take place in the manufacturing area under review; however, we can conduct the workshop offsite if necessary. Hands-on training workshops allow you to increase knowledge and skills while it is applied to an actual area of concern. While participants gain confidence applying the FMEA methodology during the workshop, your company will immediately benefit from improved process controls and higher quality process outcomes.

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“I was very pleased with the FMEA training you provided to my group this year. As you know, this training was mandated through a Chrysler audit of our FMEAs and Control Plans. I’ve had quite a bit of FMEA training in the past, but have never had an instructor who could hold the group’s attention with what can often be very dry material. Our experience with your program was quite the opposite due to your ability to correlate the information to real world challenges, including specific examples from our own FMEAs.

I appreciated the detailed attention you gave to our FMEAs to help us not only meet but exceed the requirements of our customer. By focusing directly on the original FMEA, dissecting what was there and providing us with alternative counter-measures, we were able to get a good handle on exactly what was necessary to meet Chrysler’s expectations.”

Scott Sloan
A.P. Plasman, Inc.