Prevent process failure: FMEA

Prevent process non-conformances before they become costly problems.

Process problems are costly and frustrating, as measured in scrap, rework, plant spills, containment and warranty costs. Defective parts jeopardize successful product launches and customer satisfaction. The challenge for manufacturing management is preventing nuance and catastrophic failures before they happen. How do you identify and mitigate potential causes of the most severe process failures before it is too late?

Improve your Process-FMEA practices

What is FMEA?

Failure Modes and Effects Analysis is a structured method for anticipating problems and developing controls to prevent defects or failures. FMEA identifies risks and guides a team to take appropriate corrective actions.

What does FMEA do for you?

  • Identifies where and how your process is most likely to fail—directs your attention to vulnerabilities in your processes.
  • Estimates risks associated with each process step—objectively evaluates the danger of leaving the failure mode unchecked.
  • Identifies action priorities —shows you which vulnerabilities need the most attention.
  • Documents current prevention and detection methods—drives continuous improvement by illustrating where you have been, where you are, and where you want to be.

The Luminous Group has led hundreds of companies in process improvement. We are known by many Tier One automotive companies for our work with FMEA and Process Control Plans. We have been around since 1999, and each of our consultants has more than 30 years of field experience. We are FMEA service providers for three automotive OEMS, and we take pride in applying our expertise to help large and small design and manufacturing companies.

Nobody explains it quite like we do.

Whether you are new to FMEA, exploring options to improve your current practices, or seeking a training engagement, we will adapt our approach to fit you. We will make your improvement process simple, efficient, and effective to promote a painless and profitable transition to best practices.

Why prevent process failure?

  • Prevent costly spills and product defects
  • Reduce time handling complaints by increasing customer satisfaction
  • Minimize scrap and rework costs

About implementing FMEA

Implementing effective FMEA practices with The Luminous Group is an investment that is scaled to your needs. With minimal to medium effort, our approach to FMEA can help you make costly and surprise failures nonexistent.

Contact The Luminous Group today to learn more about Failure Mode and Effects Analysis. Simply fill out the contact form or give us a call.

For more information about our approach and ROI, see our case studies page.



Donald Burton
Supplier quality manager at General Motors Corporation

“The Luminous Group applied the right mix of problem-solving expertise and an underlying foundation of organizational dynamics that uncovered systemic problems that were at the root of this supplier’s inability to sustain change. Your team made a significant step in gaining the confidence and trust of this supplier that demonstrated you were truly there to help them.

I believe that by working as a cohesive team with the supplier to identify the source of their manufacturing issues, you were able to develop and implement an action plan that resulted in the resolution of long-standing problems. Additionally, by tackling their problems with a multi-disciplinary approach, you were able to target multiple sources of instability while providing them with the tools to continue improvement over time.

I look forward to more opportunities to work with you and the team at The Luminous Group.”

Chad Cook
President at Bright Side

“Murray delivers what he promises, plus! I have worked with Murray for years and find him to be the most trustworthy, honest person I know. Both in his work relationships and those with peers and friends. He is data and process oriented and leads others to first focus on the strategies, then the techniques for maximizing return on investment. His solutions are thorough and sustainable.”