Growing Small Business Sales

Goal: Grow sales of small business

Client: Apparel Distributor (10 employees)

Problem / Situation

  • Company’s sales were flat for the prior three years.
  • Key staff person was leaving
  • The president was overwhelmed working day-to-day in the business, rather than working on strategy and sales to grow the business.


Coaching the president, we found ways to improve his daily effectiveness, which freed time to focus on new and major sales efforts. Best practice sales techniques were used to reduce “chasing” prospects that weren’t buying and improve quote hit rates. The work processes of the person resigning were captured before he left, and we supported the recruitment/hiring process by defining the job skills and experience needed and screening candidates for the client.


This coaching engagement improved personal effectiveness and company productivity:-

  • Increase sales to strategic accounts
  • Processes put in place and standardized to streamline workflow and reduce labor costs
  • Improved daily communication among staff reduces problem solving and rework of orders, further improving worker productivity

Estimated Investment and Savings

Investment of $20,000. Estimated payback of $300,000