Production Part Approval Process

When receiving a new part submission, or when altering a part or process, it is difficult to assure your customers you have the production capacity to meet or exceed their requirements and consistently produce the desired volume of conforming parts. If there is no plan to communicate manufacturer and customer expectations, you risk miscommunication, delivery of non-conforming product, and an increase in complaints and warranty costs. For this reason, we recommend implementing PPAP.

The PPAP process allows an organization to fully utilize the capability of its equipment and achieve better manufacturing results.  The concepts are important to understand when selecting from the five submission levels.  PPAP ensures that you will achieve first time quality and have methods in place to continually decrease your cost of quality.

Workshop Design

Our interactive 1-day workshop will help participants understand the PPAP process and illustrate each step in the process.  Training will include a high level overview of the submission elements, with focus on completion of the part warrant.

This training is appropriate for cross-functional teams involved with APQP and plant launch activities, such as, quality engineers, quality technicians, design and manufacturing engineers, production supervisors and operators dealing with PPAP.

Covered Topics

  • What is PPAP
  • How PPAP is related to the overall quality
  • Short-term capability and its significance
  • Long-term capability and its significance
  • Who is responsible for the PPAP
  • Review and submission of the final package