Teach participants to solve problems at their root.

Our two-day Problem Solving workshop will help you improve operational and financial performance by showing participants how to identify underlying causes of costly or recurring problems, then taking the appropriate corrective action to solve those problems.

We’ll take your team through a proven 8-step approach to problem solving used by many major automotive companies. Immediate application of the training to a real-life situation will give participants an opportunity to practice tools and techniques with their peers. This team-oriented approach to problem solving focuses on discovering underlying root causes and identifying best solutions for improved workplace performance. This method is universal and applicable to all industries including service, manufacturing and product development.

Sometimes the costly or recurring problem is highly complex with a large number of potential causes. If your engineering or manufacturing problem has a large number of variables and potential interactions between them, we recommend Design Experiments to quickly identify the most relevant cause factors.

Workshop Design

The workshop utilizes easily applied forms for fact-based problem definition, cause identification and solution selection that remove emotional bias and minimize conflict. Participants can focus on an existing problem from their work area or use an applicable case study.

Put proven problem-solving tools to work today on your most pressing issues.

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For information about approach and ROI, read our case studies.

Design of Experiment (DOE)

DOE is a highly structured methodology that can be used to identify high impact product or system variables, target or improve product function and/or reduce process variation and waste.

DOE techniques permit your team to better manage resources and make objective decisions by eliminating useless variable combinations and providing greater focus on what matters. Application of DOE translates into highly functional products and processes with improved quality and reliability. Our workshop content is applicable for R&D, engineering and manufacturing teams. Material is technical in nature but no prerequisites are required.

“The Luminous Group applied the right mix of problem-solving expertise and an underlying foundation of organizational dynamics that uncovered systemic problems that were at the root of this supplier’s inability to sustain change. Your team made a significant step in gaining the confidence and trust of this supplier that demonstrated you were truly there to help them.

I believe that by working as a cohesive team with the supplier to identify the source of their manufacturing issues, you were able to develop and implement an action plan that resulted in the resolution of long-standing problems. Additionally, by tackling their problems with a multi-disciplinary approach, you were able to target multiple sources of instability while providing them with the tools to continue improvement over time.

I look forward to more opportunities to work with you and the team at The Luminous Group.”

Donald Burton, Supplier Quality Manager
General Motors Corporation