Learn and apply a 4-step method to improve any work process

This adaptable training workshop teaches and applies a 4-step method along with straightforward but powerful tools and techniques, to help individuals and work teams improve work processes.

It is applicable to any business or organization that wants to do more things, right the first time, in less time, or with less effort and cost.

We can provide client references in product design, manufacturing, distribution, insurance, within the H.R. function and in other service industries.  Examples of applications include:  new product launch process, quick die changeover and recruiting of new employees.

About the Workshop

This workshop engages participants into the why, what and how of Process Improvement.  It provides straightforward planning steps and easy to apply tools and methods, including key tools used in Lean initiatives.

This workshop is best presented on-site, though it has been adapted for virtual training when that is more desirable.  It is typically run as 12 to 16 hours of contact time.  Coaching of teams is also available.

Participants will learn and be prepared to practice the application of tools for process improvement including:

  • process mapping
  • 5S workplace organization
  • identification and elimination of waste
  • errorproofing
  • standardized work
  • process verification

Application of the methods learned could be applied to any function or activity that has repeatable steps or work effort.  Resulting improvements might include:

  • process simplification
  • task automation
  • elimination of paper
  • digital workflow
  • improved job instructions
  • reduced training time
  • and more

This webinar will enable participants to:

  • Understand the importance and value of continuous improvement
  • Frame process improvement initiatives, including the scope, methods and desired outcomes
  • Work with people close to the existing process, and highlight recommendations to improve results and reduce effort
  • Begin practice with fundamental tools for process improvement including: process mapping, 5S, identification of waste and standardized work
  • Integrate tools learned into initiatives related to Work Instructions, Problem Solving and Continuous Improvement.

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