Statistical Tools Overview

When looking to determine whether or not key elements of your process are producing optimal results, it is difficult to select which elements to monitor and decide what “optimal” is. Without this knowledge, you are in the dark about which process steps to improve, and are unsure which quality issues to address to reduce your increasing scrap, rework, and warranty costs. For this reason, we recommend implementing Statistical Tools.

Workshop Design

This is a one-day training course in basic statistical concepts and tools used for manufacturing process control.  While it might be a refresher for some, the course is designed to help participants properly apply statistical tools and SPC in a manner that proactively improves quality and reduces the costs of non-conformance.  Learning occurs through instructor-facilitated teaching, discussions and team exercises that transfer knowledge and skills to the participants.


This workshop is appropriate for plant personnel and cross-functional teams responsible for controlling and improving quality metrics and plant performance.

This workshop can also be delivered to plant and corporate management who need to understand why SPC Control Charts, Cpk and reduction of special and common causes are important to achieving ever tightening quality goals.

Topics Covered

Applying the tools presented in this workshop will permit management to prevent problems, thereby significantly reducing the costs of producing and shipping non-conforming product.  A foundation for all quality programs, understanding the basic statistical concepts of variation, dispersion and control will give managers and operators knowledge to cost-effectively monitor and improve process performance.

Participates will leave with an understanding of:

  • The difference between Cp and CpK
  • The difference between Specification Limits and Control Limits
  • Why Special Causes and Common Causes need to be addressed with different strategies.
  • How to identify undesirable trends in process control charts
  • How to use statistical tools to save time and make better decisions

Gain more control today by employing statistical tools to your process.

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