“Your design of the resulting training and ongoing support of projects over a several month period has led to deeper engagement of the teams and development of strong problem-solving abilities. I believe the skills and tools they’re gained from this project will follow the team members as they move on to new projects.”

John Mammarella
Manager of Technical Services, MAHLE Filter Systems NA

“Your flexibility, agility and eagerness to customize solutions to meet your customer’s needs are hallmarks of what make you unique in the marketplace.”

Jerry Emperor

Manager, Global Supplier Quality, Molex

“The Luminous Group has been a large part of helping us to grow at this rate while maintaining stability in our production processes and quality in our products. I am impressed by the professionalism, depth of knowledge and hands-on problem solving approach by the team at The Luminous Group. You have a large toolbox and a unique ability to assemble just the right set of resources for any project. We appreciate the dedication you have shown in helping us to redefine our objectives, utilize company data and manage projects to ensure our objectives are met.”

Tim Lovelady
Borla Performance Industries

“I was very pleased with the FMEA training you provided to my group this year. As you know, this training was mandated through a Chrysler audit of our FMEAs and Control Plans. I’ve had quite a bit of FMEA training in the past, but have never had an instructor who could hold the group’s attention with what can often be very dry material. Our experience with your program was quite the opposite due to your ability to correlate the information to real world challenges, including specific examples from our own FMEAs.

I appreciated the detailed attention you gave to our FMEAs to help us not only meet but exceed the requirements of our customer. By focusing directly on the original FMEA, dissecting what was there and providing us with alternative counter-measures, we were able to get a good handle on exactly what was necessary to meet Chrysler’s expectations.”

Scott Sloan
A. P. Plasman, Inc.

“I worked with Murray on a lean and 5S implementation within my Shared Services group. This involved approx. 120 people. He put together a program that worked for a wide variety of professions and backgrounds – from clerk to senior manager – and implemented it quickly and effectively. Murray has a broad network of energetic experts that he can draw on and he approaches each project with enthusiasm and a high level of professionalism. We were very pleased with the results. In the course of my career, I have seen many programs take on the effect of ‘program of the month’ but Murray and his team put together a program that has had lasting and visible effects in this facility/group today. We worked together to ensure that the entire team ‘got it’ and internalized the lean principles into their daily lives.”

Jim Nelson
Director of Shared Services, BorgWarner

“The Luminous Group applied the right mix of problem-solving expertise and an underlying foundation of organizational dynamics that uncovered systemic problems that were at the root of this supplier’s inability to sustain change. Your team made a significant step in gaining the confidence and trust of this supplier that demonstrated you were truly there to help them.

I believe that by working as a cohesive team with the supplier to identify the source of their manufacturing issues, you were able to develop and implement an action plan that resulted in the resolution of long-standing problems. Additionally, by tackling their problems with a multi-disciplinary approach, you were able to target multiple sources of instability while providing them with the tools to continue improvement over time.

I look forward to more opportunities to work with you and the team at The Luminous Group.”

Donald Burton
Supplier Quality Manager, General Motors Corporation

“The connections and associations he draws upon as President of The Luminous Group allow him to address clients’ wishes in a timely and effective way. I’ve been very impressed with the responsiveness and professionalism of both Murray and his organization.”

Damon Delorenzis
Engineering Quality Manager, Gale Banks Engineering

“My company has benefited from Murray Sittsamer and The Luminous Group over the past several years. Murray keeps our interests front and center and provides practical and constructive ideas to improve our operations and quality systems. He always delivers what he promises. His staff is knowledge and they have also developed relationships with key people at Federal-Mogul. I appreciate Murray’s professionalism and his sensitivity to competing priorities. Working with several divisions and many plants within our company, Murray is very good at keeping me posted on the various initiatives. Where he sees opportunities to share learnings across the organization, he is quick to make those known to the appropriate managers. I think of Murray and his company as a valuable and long-term advisory partner. I’m glad to recommend him to any organization that is working to improve processes or quality.”

Adrian Khouri
Director, Global Quality, Customer Satisfaction
Federal-Mogul Corporation

“We are pleased to say that after a year, there have been no repeats of the original non-conformance. The inclusion of operators in the workshop lent good perspective to what was really happening. The timeline forced us to get everything done in a shorter amount of time than if we had tackled the issue on our own. We look forward to working with The Luminous Group again in the future.”

John Sidorenko
Quality Control General Supervisor, Delphi

“As usual, The Luminous Group came through for me. I appreciate that I can count on you to give me a good value for my money, a curriculum that gets the results I’m looking for and complete it a timely fashion. You have always done a good job of understanding customer expectations and, at a minimum, meeting those expectations if not exceeding them! I appreciate your follow through to ensure your customers are happy and determining what you can improve upon. The Luminous Group not only teaches Continuous Improvement, they practice it!”

Dustin Daggett
Director of Quality Assurance, EQI, Ltd.

“I learned a lot watching your style of cutting through some of the cloudy issues to get to the heart of the matter. You always know what questions to ask and have a very tactful way of getting the answers. You were also very helpful in pushing things through management, keeping the project focused on the objective and staying within the timeline. It’s obvious you have a lot of experience as well as a talent for analyzing a process to find ways to streamline it.”

Jim Tarpley
Induction Manager, Industrial Steel Treating Company

“Murray is an outstanding business process consultant. He brings a strong engineering acumen to his work. He has developed a number of products and processes that can significantly impact the production of his clients. He has personally worked with me and for my organization. I have found him to be an excellent communicator, strong group facilitator, highly collaborative and always accountable to his clients. He brings a “systems perspective” to his work and provides great value whenever engaged in an assignment.”

Gary Gabel
Founder of Infinite Learning

“Evaluation ratings from participants were very high. You seemed to become familiar with the organization after only a couple classes. Your industry background allowed you to relate to the participants and enhanced your credibility. The surveys conducted at the end of the first session helped you to shape a very effective generic case study for the packaging industry so that people from each of our different organizations could all relate to the materials.”

Mark Schoenlein
Manager, Engineering Quality Systems
Owens-Brockway Plastic Products