The Luminous Group has led hundreds of companies in process improvement workshops. We have been around since 1999, and each of our training experts has more than 30 years of experience in their field.  We utilize our experience with many companies like yours to nurture an impactful learning environment.

All of our workshops are interactive, with learning activities directed toward actual issues and opportunities within the organization.  Skill development and application of the tools and techniques learned during workshops have helped some clients save up to $250,000.  The Luminous Group’s training workshops include:

“Each training engagement has been approached in a very thorough manner. Your expertise does not begin or end with the delivery of the workshop. Pre-meetings to obtain information about specific needs, as well as follow-up after the workshop to ensure that all issues have been addressed, represent The Luminous Group’s dedication to delivering a total training package.

We are continually impressed with your subject-matter expertise, but, more importantly, we appreciate your ability to obtain audience participation throughout the workshops.”

Mark Carley, Training Manager
Federal-Mogul Corporation

  • Strategic Planning for Quality
  • Program & Risk Management
  • Quality Systems Basics (QSB)
  • Managing Variability for Competitive Advantage
  • Understanding and Using Process Control Plans
  • Job Set-Up Error Proofing & Optimization
  • Shop Floor Effectiveness
  • Error Proofing
  • Personal Productivity
  • Process Mapping
  • 5S & Visual Workplace
  • Value Stream Mapping
  • Six Sigma
  • Six Sigma Overview for Support Services
  • Statistical Concepts — Online Learning (“Process Control Coach” eLearning)
  • Measurement Systems Analysis/G&RR
  • ISO/TS 16949 requirements and 3rd party Internal Auditing
  • ISO 9001 Implementation
  • ISO 9001 Internal Auditor Training
  • Advanced Problem Solving with Quantitative Methods
  • Problem Solving Concepts for Operations Management
  • Problem Solving for Engineers and Detectives (deductive reasoning)
  • Problem Solving Principles for Non-Technical Personnel
  • 5-Whys – Efficient Problem Solving
  • Supplier Development and Cost Reduction
  • Geometric Dimensioning & Tolerance (GD&T)
  • Improving Team Communication via Understanding Style Preferences
  • Communication, Supervisory, Leadership and Business Skill Curriculum

“Your training approach was key to gaining the cooperation of a very diverse team of individuals, ranging from engineers and sales people to hourly employees. You were very professional and did an excellent job of making everyone feel at ease. Your case studies and experience with other suppliers were very helpful. You were especially good at developing open communication resulting in candid feedback and questions. I also appreciated the coaching that you provided to me throughout the process.

I, as well as the other managers here at ITT, believe that your workshop was by far the best training class we’ve ever had. The use of a diversified workforce, and individuals outside the area under study, allowed for fresh eyes to look at the process from different viewpoints. As a result we have reduced overhead, labor content for the process and cycle time.”

George Cassady, Quality Manager
ITT Industries